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The Lone Ranger 720p Bluray X264 Yify Subtitles [Latest]




Their family and others watch their efforts on the plains, wishing they could emulate their success. In the post-World War II era, Lieutenant Doug MacEwen (Thomas Mitchell) and . They are also aided by'shady' lawyer Cactus Frank Smith (Tom Tyler). A former soldier and now also a lawyer, he secretly represents the children's parents in a divorce. With a sister who works as a dancer in the theatre, he is as comfortable as he is raucous. Later in the decade, the Young Rangers come of age and are ready to perform on their own. Each finds romance, none more than with Daisy Miller, . With Daisy, the three become inseparable; when they realise their future will not include her, they fight to win her back. Tommy Manville is chief scout for the Rio Grande, visiting the border towns of and Santa Maria. He crosses paths with . He finds her wounded, but as she recovers, she tells him her story, including her secret marriage to Jones and that she is pregnant with their child. Tommy vows to save her and her unborn child from the Rio Grande gang. The realisation that Daisy will not return to her family has a devastating effect on the three, and they do what they must to protect their children. They hide them, along with the woman who had been placed in their care, until they are reunited with her. In the final scene, Daisy is pregnant with a baby girl, and John and Frank ride into the sunset to the theme music. Cast John Wayne as Young John Reid Maureen O'Hara as young Daisy Miller Thomas Mitchell as Lt. Doug MacEwen Charles Starrett as Young Frank Reid Phyllis Haver as Mother Dora Lee Patrick as Katie Miller Virginia Howell as Trudy Fox Chet Allen as Shorty Charles Bickford as Cactus Frank Smith Tom Tyler as Mr. Jones Production The book was based on an original story, co-written with Eric Taylor, by screenwriter and author Henry Blankfort, with the idea of the cinematic treatment coming from Walter Wanger, who hired Henry to work on a number of Westerns. Blankfort wrote several drafts of the story, but when it came time to shoot the film, he was not available. He had just received an Academy Award for co-writing The Ox-Bow Incident (1943), and was




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The Lone Ranger 720p Bluray X264 Yify Subtitles [Latest]

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